KOTA KINABALU, 19 September 2014 - Members of the Renewable Energy Association of Sabah (REASabah), led by its Protem Chairman, Datuk Ir. Peter Lajumin, paid a courtesy call on SEDA Chairman, Datuk Dr. Yee Moh Chai in Kota Kinabalu today. The aim of this meeting was to brief SEDA on the formation of REASabah and its objectives, and for REASabah members to have discussions with SEDA on issues related to the Renewable Energy industry in Sabah. SEDA Chief Executive Officer, Catherine Ridu, Chief Operating Officer, Ir. Dr. Ali Askar Sher Mohamed and Under Secretary for Sustainable Energy at the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Jaya Singam Rajoo, were also present.

During the meeting, SEDA highlighted Sabah’s enormous renewable energy potential and urged REASabah to be in the forefront of efforts to exploit this potential in an economically viable and environmentally friendly way. Sabah has vast agro biomass, biogas and small hydro potential, as well as Malaysia’s only viable geothermal and probably wind energy resources. It was also blessed with the highest solar irradiation in the country.

The membership of REASabah comprises players from the local RE industry such as developers, utilities, government agencies, academic institutions and other NGOs. The REASabah delegation brought up issues seen as impediments to successful RE development in Sabah, including access to the grid, rising costs of agro biomass, and quotas for solar photovoltaic under the Feed-in Tariff scheme. It also requested for REASabah to be invited to meetings convened by SEDA, the Ministry and other relevant agencies, where issues related to RE policy formulation, implementation, issues and challenges were to be discussed.

Datuk Dr. Yee thanked REASabah members for taking the initiative to form the association. He hoped that it would form a suitable platform for RE stakeholders in Sabah to collaborate with relevant authorities and utilities, with a view to increasing electricity generation from RE sources in Sabah.
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RENEWABLE ENERGY & GREENTECH SABAH CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION on 13-14 NOV 2017 : Message from Chairman of ReaSabah (CO-organisor) 

ReaSabah Excom at opening session

Datuk Ir. Peter Lajumin

Dr. Kok Tiong Chee

Ir. Andrew Amaladoss

Charles K. Dalansing

Lu Kim Phin

Dr. Dayang Aminah Ag. Ali

Clarence Binayu

Datuk Pang Ah Foh

Ir. Wong Ching Hwa

Ir. Liew Thien Lok

Tay Yee Chiong


Deputy Chairman:


Assistant Secretary:



REASabah held its first Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 31st January 2015 in Kota Kinabalu, A total of 10 eligible members attended the AGM chaired by Protem Chairman, Datuk Ir. Peter Lajumin.

At the AGM, the following were duly elected to the Committee for a term of two years:

The AGM passed a resolution proposing for amendments to the Constitution to enable the establishment of a Corporate grade of membership. This will be submitted to the Registrar of Societies for approval. The meeting also appointed Dr. Kok Tiong Chee to head the membership drive campaign, and assigned Ir. Cheng Sau Yee to head a Technical Subcommittee responsible for organising seminars and technical visits.

The programme of activities to be undertaken by the association will be updated on this website from time to time.

At the SEDA Open Day in Kota Kinabalu on 6 December 2015, Protem Chairman, Datuk Ir. Peter Lajumin, raised the following issues of concern and significance to RE developers in the State, especially those involved in solar PV:

Proposed regression of FiT rate for Solar PV (non-individual) in 2015

The Solar PV (non-individual) quota for Sabah was only opened for application in May 2014. Successful bidders were given until 31.12.2014 to commission their facilities, including connection to the SESB distribution network. FiT in general became applicable in Sabah only in January 2014, thus applicants did not have adequate time to familiarise themselves with project implementation techniques. As such, it would be appreciated if SEDA could seriously consider a 2-year moratorium on the proposed regression for 2015, to enable successful 2014 bidders to complete their projects after the 31.12.2014 deadline and continue to enjoy the current FiT rate.

Quota for solar PV (non-individual)

Although 210MW of solar PV for non-individuals has been approved to date in Semenanjung Malaysia, only 8.145MW has been approved for the same category in Sabah. Added to the fact that Sabah has high irradiance rates, the Association hopes that Sabah will be allocated a higher proportion of the 32MW quota for this category in 2015.

Welcoming Speech by CO-organising Chairman

ReaSabah Excom and Chairman of SEDA


Y. Bhg Datuk Ir. Peter Lajumin

Protem Chairman

Renewable Energy Association of Sabah

5th Floor, Wisma Perkasa

Jalan Gaya, Kota Kinabalu

88821 Sabah

Renewable Energy Association of SabaH


Daily Express Wednesday, 22 November 2017.

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Daily Express Tuesday, 14 November 2017.

The Star Wednesday, 05 September 2018.

REASabah Chairman, Datuk Ir. Peter Lajumin, and Honorary Secretary, Ir. Andrew Amaladoss, were recently interviewed by Voice of Leaders/Newsweek. The interview focussed on the status of the RE industry in Sabah and possible opportunities for foreign 'impact' investors to partner local RE players in developing sustainable RE projects. Impact investing not only provides technology and funding, but also aims to empower local communities through capacity building, infrastructure development etc.

The interviewers also obtained contacts of current and potential Sabah RE players for possible discussions while they were in Sabah.

Surat Y.Bhg Datuk bertarikh 20 Januari 2015 berkenaan perkara di atas adalah dirujuk. Saya ingin mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih kepada Y.Bhg Datuk diatas ucapan tahniah sempena penganugerahan darjah serta bintang kebesaran yang saya terima baru-baru ini sempena ulangtahun hari keputeraan Ke Bawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Sultan Negeri Kedah Darul Aman Ke - 87.

Sokongan dan doa dari Y.Bhg Datuk amatlah saya hargai.


REASabah Executive Committee members led by Chairman, Datuk Ir. Peter Lajumin, paid a courtesy call to Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. (SESB) at its Head Office in Kota Kinabalu on 27 August 2015. The group was warmly welcomed by SESB Senior General Manager (Asset Management), Ir. Abdul Nasser Wahab and other senior officers.

Datuk Ir. Peter Lajumin informed the SESB officers on the background, formation and objectives of REASabah as a platform to bring in a broad spectrum of RE stakeholders in Sabah for mutual benefit. REASabah members comprised RE developers, consultants, academics and government agencies. Although currently REASabah offered only an Individual grade of membership, an application had been made to the Registrar of Societies for the inclusion of a Corporate membership grade. It was hoped that once this approval had been received, SESB could also take up membership in REASabah.

The REASabah delegation then raised some technical issues and concerns faced by RE developers especially pertaining to interconnection of RE projects with the SESB network and metering specifications. Ir. Nasser appreciated REASabah’s intention in raising these issues with a view to finding  win-win solutions which would benefit all sides.

Datuk Ir. Peter Lajumin remarked that if certain issues needed to be brought up to the regulator (Energy Commission) and Feed-in Tariff administrator (SEDA), REASabah, together with SESB, could do so as the perspectives of all RE stakeholders could be taken into account in arriving at technically and commercially viable solutions.

At the end of the dialogue, Datuk Ir. Peter Lajumin, on behalf of REASabah presented SESB with a memento of the visit.

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Daily Express Wednesday, 15 November 2017.